SMS and email reminders automatically notify your patients of appointment times and changes - saving you time and reducing your no-shows.

HealthKit's core software is free
All the essential features you need to run your entire practice are free, including diary, clinical templates, invoices, finance reports and more - no matter your size or the number of practitioners in your practice.

Other online practice software packages that are not HealthKit cost on average $52 per month per user, with SMS costs additional.

This is how HealthKit's SMS and email reminders work:

1. Notify your patients
You can send SMS and email reminders to automatically notify your patients of appointment times and changes, whenever you make a booking.

2. Reduce no-shows
Your patients can keep track of their appointments, which helps reduce your no-shows and administration.3. Update your calendar automatically
SMS reminders with patient responses are directly integrated into your calendar, so you can easily see whether a patient confirmed the appointment.

4. Don't pay for emails reminders or patients responses via SMS
Emails reminders and patients responses via SMS are free, so two-way SMS reminders cost the same as one-way SMS reminders: 1 HealthKit credit.

Award-winning software with winning rates for reminders

We only charge for optional add-ons - and most add-ons can be paid with HealthKit credits (1 credit = AUD $0.22), which you can buy in bulk and save:

Top up Credits Save up to*
Bronze 200 0%
Silver 700 15%
Gold 1,400 36%
Platinum 2,500 63%

*Savings may vary according to location and currency.

With free core software and one of the lowest rates for SMS reminders - HealthKit is not only the most complete practice management software on the market but also the most cost effective.

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